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AB Rock Leadership Team

Concrete and Foundation Professionals


Throughout a career that also includes roles as Vice President for Kansas City-based homebuilder Inspired Homes, Kerry Bowen has developed a knack for creating processes that make employees — and the company itself — more efficient. That’s the primary focus of his work as President of AB Rock, in addition to overseeing job costing. Kerry serves as the link between AB Rock’s field crews and the accounting team, ensuring that everyone has the systems and processes they need to get the job done as quickly and easily as possible. As AB Rock expands into new lines of service, including waterproofing and rock and concrete placement, Kerry makes sure that the existing processes keep pace with company growth so that AB Rock is positioned for long-term success.


As Executive Operations Manager of AB Rock, Adam Jones runs the day-to-day operations of the business. It’s a leadership role that Adam’s been working toward since childhood, when he took an active role in large family businesses that included running heavy equipment on the family farm. In fact, one of the Jones family’s businesses will be familiar to Kansas City residents — Winstead’s on the Plaza. After transitioning to the foundation industry, Jones seized an opportunity to start AB Rock with the Bowen family. Using the leadership experience and business insight he’s amassed throughout much of his life, Adam plays a key role in establishing AB Rock as an innovator that doesn’t shy away from growth, including adding new services like flat work and waterproofing. As a result, AB Rock has emerged as a turnkey partner for builders, freeing some of their valuable time while consistently delivering high-quality results that are made to last.

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Commercial and Residential Concrete Contractor

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