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Subdivision Sweeping For Kansas City Parade of Homes

Updated: May 12, 2022

This Spring, hundreds of homes will be on display throughout Greater Kansas City. The Parade of Homes, hosted by the Home Builders Association, provides an opportunity for consumers to see firsthand the innovation, variety, and styles available in the market today. For homebuilders and developers, this free public event is the perfect opportunity to showcase the beauty of the new homes and developments that you have masterfully created. Each home on the tour is fine-tuned, landscaped, and perfectly staged in preparation for this two-week open house. However, let’s remember to not get so caught in the interior details that we forget to look at the bigger picture of what guests see when they arrive.

The Importance of Street Sweeping

The first impression of your home or housing development begins the moment that guests turn into the neighborhood. They will look at the signage, greenery, and the condition of the roads. New home developments are inherently dusty and dirty. Construction vehicles often track debri and dirt along the streets. It’s inevitable. The good news is, a high-quality street sweeper can improve the curb appeal of your new development – even if you’re not finished yet! Before the Parade begins, reach out to us for subdivision sweeping that will enhance the look and feel of the entire subdivision.

How it Works

Street Sweepers drive slowly throughout the neighborhood, removing debri. A vortex of negative pressure under the truck carries the dirt up into a receptacle at the rear of the truck. An air flow is used to loosen debri on the street, followed by a spray of water that prevents dust clouds from forming. Sweepers move at approximately 5 miles per hour, ensuring that the road is clean and clear. Not only does this service improve the visual appeal of the street, but it also serves to keep pollutants and grime from making their way into storm drains and the city’s sewer system.

Why AB Rock?

Of all the street sweeping contractors in the metro area, why choose AB Rock? We are primarily known for our concrete work, and some of our partners haven’t always been aware that we also own and operate our own fleet of street sweepers. For years, we have primarily provided sweeping services to our partners that lay asphalt. Our operators are efficient, precise, and understand the significance of sweeping thoroughly before asphalt is laid. Now, we are expanding our offering to include residential sweeping and offering the same accuracy and attention to detail that we have utilized in our past projects. If you want the job done efficiently and accurately by highly skilled operators, AB Rock is the perfect street sweeping partner.

The Spring Parade of Homes is the perfect opportunity to sell the latest and greatest in home design, innovation and technology. Don’t let dirty streets ruin the experience for you or your guests. Call AB Rock for a street sweeping quote today!

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