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Sweepin’ the Night Away

Here at AB ROCK, we are known for our precision and excellence. With more than 15 years of management and construction experience, we have provided concrete and foundation services for a wide range of projects throughout the Kansas City metro. In addition to the concrete side of our business, we also own and operate a fleet of street sweeper trucks that we use to support our construction partners throughout the city.

Why Street Sweepers?

In a way, street sweeping fell into our lap. When our parent company acquired a construction company several years ago, the sale included two street sweepers. We decided to learn the ropes and offer sweeping services at AB ROCK. Immediately, we began sweeping for Superior Bowen, one of the largest asphalt paving and construction companies in the midwest. Since then, we have grown our fleet and expanded our clientele to include residential developments and facility sweeping.

Night Sweeping

The highway never sleeps, so we do our best to accommodate! In order for our construction partners to lay asphalt, the streets have to be meticulously swept to remove dirt and debris. A street sweeper is an incredibly slow vehicle with a maximum speed of 20 mph, so we can’t very well drive it down the highway in the middle of rush hour. The majority of our highway sweeping is done during the quietest hours. Offering nighttime sweeping gives us the flexibility to meet the need of our construction partners as they meet their timelines to get a road paved.

Wake Up to Clean Streets

In addition to sweeping for highway construction, we also offer residential sweeping. Some communities prefer to contract street sweeping services in the wee hours of the morning, to keep residents unbothered (and largely unaware) that the service is happening.

Precision and Excellence

A well-swept street makes for a well-paved road! You can trust that our night operators will work diligently, with great care, and with the utmost attention to safety. Because of our construction background, our team is well-trained to understand the goals of our clients. They sweep meticulously because they realize what is at stake with your project, and the safety hazards caused by dirt and debris on a road. Hire a street sweeper that understands your timeline, your goals, and your industry. Hire AB ROCK!

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